7 Sci-Fi Series Ripe for Movie Reboots

Cinematical has a list of ideas for making movies based on classic 20th century TV shows.  A couple of these I'd never seen, but I definitely remember tuning in to see Martin Landau and company fight to survive each week on Moonbase Alpha (Space:1999, pictured).

The list includes Earth 2, The Six Million Dollar Man, and others with video clips of their opening sequences.  Here's author Kevin Kelley's take on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century:
We just want to see Buck back on the big screen, where he has never really been (the original TV pilot was edited into a theatrical release). Toss some up and coming young star with good looks and a strong chin in this, and revamp everything. Just keep the cool laser pistols in it, and for god's sake don't let Buck disco.

An impressive fan-made intro to that show...   Link to Cinematical.

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Earth2 sucked and deserved to be put to sleep peacefully forever, without any threat of resurrection.

That Buck Rogers video only a diehard fan could love.
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Earth2 deserved a proper ending, but I'll settle for having the episodes and nothing further to ruin the nostalgia I have for the series. A serious reboot might work, but unfortunately a reunion show can't happen now as one of the principle cast members passed away about 3 years ago. (Same character, different actor trope never sits well with me.)
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Dear Hollywood,

Please, please stop raping my childhood. There are thousands of great ideas and characters waiting to be made into movies. You don't have to retread everything just because you want to cash in on the name recognition.



P.S. Okay, MAYBE a Buck Rogers movie would be good. But I bet you would ruin it by having an army of Twikis go mad/get possessed and trying to kill Buck and his friends.
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How about a Dr Who movie musical, only difference is its about the members of the band Who. They get their PhDs in physics and build a time traveling pinball machine, or perhaps a Magic Bus.
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