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White is all colours, black is the absence of light. "colour" is just light bouncing from the object to your eyes, so technically all colours are light, and the black being the absence of colour applies to both light and colour. :D

The surface is retaining all colours and bouncing none back. That makes it black. It is bouncing no light to your eyes.

When your computer screen is dark, it is because no light is being shone on it. I mean, look at the hex codes. Black is '000000', no colours, white is 'FFFFFF', all colours.
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I think I've spotted this before on Neatorama- With the caption that it seems like a good way to make art.

If only I could remember where!

It's supersweet anyhow. :)
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I myself sleep with Ebola every night.

I also owe the plague and the common cold. It's a great treat around winter to leave it places and go 'OH GOD! COLD GERMS!'

I'd really love to get my hands on a flesh eating 'lil bugger, however :D
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He makes them all look like normal people- which is exactly what they are. You wouldn't look twice at most of them if you saw then in the street.

Except maybe Zelda.
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I honestly don't see the munchkin death at all. It looks like a white thing falling and then if you look closer you can see the big dark shape of a bird in the shape of the tree, and you realize it was just moving it's wing. Then it ruffles the other wing. :/ hmm.
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