Bob Ross-o-Rama: The Joy of Painting on

Honestly, I’ve had a crush on Bob Ross ever since I was a little girl. It was something in the way he stroked the canvas and talked in that ever soothing voice about happy little trees and clouds. He mesmerized me in every way he could. Now he’s gone, and it becomes harder and harder to find his shows on TV. Even PBS seems to turn its back to the man who invented hotel room painting.

But we are in the internet age now and love everything retro. To my surprise and disbelief I found a Bob Ross channel on dedicated to Bob Ross and filled with all sorts of his happy little videos. Finally there is bliss in my life again. Even more important: I found a great video collection to fall asleep to!


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I used to watch this when I was 11. Enjoyed how soothing and calm the show was. And the hypnotic movement of the brushstrokes would deeply relax me.

But one of my favorite aspects of the show was when he would clean the 2 inch brush. He'd whap it to and fro rapidly, then let out a chuckle. I loved how much joy he got out of that little act every time he did it.
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i work at a nursing of my favorite people is Ed...he is stricken with a stroke,,,he is in dire cocsequences...he loves church on TV and loves Mr. Ross...Mr. Ross brings him huge amounts of joy...not easy to do considering his limitations, I was with him in his small room watching Mr. Ross painting a side by side painting....a landscape in the summertime and one in the winter...they were both lovely...and made a grown man who does not have a lot of function left VERY happy...
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I can't tell you what a joy it was watching this man paint on canvas. His pleasant voice and amazing talents brought joy to millions. I can remember vividly back in 1984, that summer I would sit home and watch him do this amazing landscape. I always said.."Bob..what are you doing? thinking he made a mistake...but he would always come through with this amazing landscape. I seem to never make it through the whole show because his voice put me in a deep sleep. The man was not only a great painter but even a better human being, based on what I read. Truly a gift of god!
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