Giant Microbes: Cute Plush Toys of Deadly Diseases

Anthrax Plush Toy - $7.95
Common Cold Plush Toy - $7.95
Ebola Plush Toy - $7.95
Flesh Eating Bacteria
Plush Toy - $7.95
Herpes Plush Toy - $7.95
HIV Plush Toy - $7.95

A few years ago, Drew Oliver got a Eureka moment. He was reading a memoir by scientist Richard Feynman. In it, the physicist wrote about being amazed looking at a water droplet through a microscope to see a microbe swimming about. This gave Drew a multimillion dollar business idea: a line of plushy germs for the scientifically-minded.

With the help of his brother, Drew launched Giant Microbes, which makes dozens of cute plush dolls of germs that cause some of life's most miserable diseases like ebola, HIV, flesh eating bacteria, ... and yes, even STDs!

We've recently gotten our shipments of Giant Microbes, so if there's someone close to your heart that could use a little herpes, mad cow, or even the black plague, here's your chance:

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My co-worker Wendy gave me Chlamydia the other day to cheer me up...I'm STILL laughing.

Went to the website, and want to give everyone I know one of these microbes, especially ones like "Bad Breath"
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I love these things!

My husband (friend at the time) got me the mono plush because I was so sick with mono. Although, the plush version is cute the real thing is awful. I don't think I really ever got compltely over it to be honest. He also got me the flesh eating bacteria for some reason.

He got the flu plush so he can go around touching people with it giving them a "touch of the flu."

We're both computer techs (geeks) joke giving people viruses in plush form for fun.
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