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I found a fully autographed program from the 60's from a reunion of the first Saskatchewan Roughriders team, or their first team to win the Grey Cup. (Don't remember exactly) Anyway, it was fully signed, had the menu from the meal and everything.

I found it in a biography of racing driver and team owner Bruce McLaren.
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You take a photo of me while I'm on the street and you'll be picking bits of the lens out of your forehead for weeks.

Unacceptable to do this IMO. One thing for your own personal use, or perhaps even an exhibit, but to plaster pictures of someone online without their permission is the act of a pretentious douchebag.
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Wonder if it's possible to get done for riding without due car and attention?

Just wait until some twat cyclist gets smeared over the road because they were reading a book instead of paying attention to their surroundings.
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Bloody English wusses. (I say that as a former one.)

A few Saturday's ago where I live (Edmonton, Alberta) for a brief while we were the coldest place on Earth. Read that again, we were officially THE COLDEST PLACE ON EARTH.

We spent two months below -20 celsius in the run up to Christmas.

People need to visit somewhere REALLY cold and then stop bothering the nice Holiday Inn people with their asinine requests for a warm bed.

Holiday Inn should just say "Okay Sir" and set fire to the bed. "Warm enough now, Sir?"
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Except the skies WON'T be any safer.

Taking current stats, you are 50 times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be on a plane that suffers a terrorist incident.

This is just yet more privacy invasion in the interests of "security" which is largely there for show, and designed to make flying as intolerable as possible.
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Nah. Too revealing. Too obvious. She looks much hotter in that outfit.

Bed is damn cool too. Always loved the design of that ship as it's completely asymetrical.
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Given a choice between "Here's a mashup album" and "Here's a tape I got from a parallel dimension"...

Gimme the latter any day. Some thought went into it.

Kudos to the writer. As for those concluding it's Richard D... Get a life.
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