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Sam Javanrouh's blog, Daily Dose of Imagery, features his photography, one image per day.  Today he posted many great photos he's taken which all fall under one tricky umbrella of shooting - people on the street.  People can be unpredictable when it comes to being photographed; Sam tells of friends who have had gear broken and suffered injuries at the hands of their subjects.  But on the flip side, being a great photographer is often about seizing the moment and forgoing polite introductions.  Sam on the photo above:
When I took this I was almost certain that I didn't even have a sharp photo. But when i saw it later I liked it. So no way to ask her now. I won't be selling this image for stock use. And if she ever contacts me and tells me she's unhappy about it I'll take it off the site. Street photography is all about the fractions of a second. You have to take the shot when you think you have it (to be precise, you take the shot just before the moment. Good photographers can see the future.

And on this one, he remarks, "I still have a hard time sleeping at night, thinking what will happen to me if I've seriously pissed off the dark knight."

[caption id="attachment_29120" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo: Sam Javanrouh"][/caption]

Link, and... as Sam says, Happy Shooting!

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Nice photos, I don't think there is anything wrong with street photography, but shouldn't you ask for permission when using these types of images in a blog like this? After all you are posting their photos on a blog that is running adverts so technically that photo of them is generating you a profiit???
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I too have strong objections... when you are taking a photo of someone, you take from the subject without giving anything in return. That sounds like a very unfair exchange which you have imposed on your subject. Dont you owe it to yourself to make that exchange, fair, welcomed by both parties and as ethical as possible?
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Is this guy making any money from his web site? Is he using the web site for promotional reasons? Then he is behaving unethically and probably illegally by not getting his subjects' permission.
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