Nudists Actually Like the Airport Full Body Scanner

The hassle, the invasion of privacy, and the potential for abuse and embarrassment ... what's to like about the full body scanner at airports? Plenty, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation (maybe NSFW, mind you), the oldest and largest group representing nudists in northern America:

“Put this issue in its proper perspective,” recommends AANR Executive Director Erich Schuttauf. “A trained security professional in a remote monitoring station takes a few seconds discreetly screening passengers to be sure they’re only bringing what nature gave them aboard. In exchange for safer skies, AANR believes it’s completely worth it. But you don’t have to be a nudist to agree these measures are based on common sense.”

Adds Schuttauf, “Polls regularly show that about one in five North Americans have skinny-dipped in mixed company already. So if travelers just think of the screen as a virtual skinny dip, something regarded as American as apple pie since before Norman Rockwell, everyone wins in the name of better air travel security. And as an added bonus, you can add the experience to your ‘bucket list’ as a virtual dipping of one’s toe into taking a Nakation – that’s a nudist vacation!”

Thanks Carolyn Hawkins!

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Spot on. Measures of this kind are indeed for show and indeed designed to make flying intolerable. The purpose of the latter is to make the public cowed into accepting more and more restictions on liberty and invasions of privacy. In the UK and the USA, we are seeing the step-by-step construction of a police state at least as invasive as those run in Eastern Europe during the period of Soviet regional dominance. Having lived in Poland in the early 1990s, none of the fresh tales of Communist times relayed to me by friends included reference to pervasive CCTV, confiscation of cameras for photographing public buildings or anything akin to this madness at airports - and it IS madeness. How else can one account for the inconsisencies. Why do I have to remove my shoes at some UK airports and not others? Why must I take my laptop out of its bag at some UK airports and not others? Shoes and laptops are either a genuine risk to security or they are not. It can't be both. Also fresh in my memory are the charming people at Miami Intl. Airport who insisted that my wife walk through the metal detector WITHOUT our then-year old son, who crawled out of her sight and into the line of waiting passengers. How delightful that in the name of American national security my wife was physically prevented from retrieving our son by passing back through the arch.

This is just yet more privacy invasion in the interests of “security” which is largely there for show, and designed to make flying as intolerable as possible.
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Despite the statement released by AANR in support of this practice, nudism is actually about freedom from ridiculous rules imposed by others. Nudity is all about civil liberty, so it's distressing to see the largest nudist organization in the nation endorse this stripping of liberty. For a more reasonable perspective, check out the Political Naturist blog:
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Why are people, Americans especially, so hung up on body image? All humans have exactly the same male or female body parts. The screeners aren't looking at stuff that's supposed to be there. They're looking for stuff that ISN'T.
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