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I treat the "logic" of the "gobal warming is man-made" crowd with the same respect as I would people who believe in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny.
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I'm also with Ted. The captions were lame and wasted my time. The video did not need any external narration. It was clear what was going. I didn't need someone pointing out the obvious. Less is more.
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Not surprised at how many closed-minded sheep dismissed this article just because of the name of the website it was on. I was surprised, however, at how completely wrong most of the criticisms of the article were. I would only consider 3 of the 50 items to have any kind of right-wing leaning (and 2 of these debatably).
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Unbelievable how much anger is directed at AIG. You've all been played by the government who are the biggest crooks in this mess. They created the mess and now they're forcing us taxpayers to pay for it. Meahwhile, they're taking all the rage that should be directed at the government and deflecting it at corporate execs. This is class warfare here. Please go to wikipedia and read up on Mao Zedong. I fear our country is heading in that direction.
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