Global Warming = Giant Lobsters! Yum!

Photo: Justin Ries

Yay for global warming! New study by marine geologist Justin Ries shows that if carbon dioxide emissions increase to extreme levels, we'll get giant lobsters:

A new study published in the journal Geology shows that if carbon dioxide emissions reach extreme levels, the changes in the world's oceans might result in lobsters 50 percent bigger than normal.

Lobsters can take carbon from the water and use it to build their exoskeletons, says marine geologist Justin Ries, who oversaw the study. The theory, he tells NPR's Guy Raz, is that lobsters are able to convert the extra carbon into material for building up their shells.

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I hate people, so I purposely drive a Hummer (the original huge one) and I don't recycle, reuse OR reduce. I water my lawn so it's nice and green and I by individually wrapped prunes and throw the wrappers on the ground. I'll be dead when anything bad happens, so suck it.
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LOLidiots. Global warming is real, and that's somehting which I am not disputing, but even if it weren't you'd have to be an idiot not to take action against it in case the small number of zealots with their fingers in their ears and blindfolds turned out to be (shock, horror) wrong.
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