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I'm a bad, bad Canadian. I just tried curling two weeks ago and I'm 37 years old. As the above comments illustrate, we like to joke that curling is the only Olympic sport that a group of fat beer swilling smokers can win gold. I have to say, it's deceptively physical. Notice the guys in the picture are wearing short sleeves, you get hot, it's a real workout. And as far as skill, mix the strategy of chess with the steady ability of target shooting or billiards and you have curling. It was good fun.

And we drank beer.
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Hey, that's Toronto, and the bar he runs through is the "Legendary" Horseshoe Tavern. Yeah, it's as dirty as it looks. I've seen a lot of great bands there though. It's Toronto's far less notorious version of New York's CBGBs.
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Two years ago my spouse flew United for the first and last time. She flew to Myrtle Beach SC, her luggage went to Charleston SC. She drove the 2 hours there, got a hotel, and the back to Myrtle Beach the next day as United said it would take 3 days to get her luggage to her. No reparation was made. Flying back to Toronto ON her flight was redirected to Buffalo NY because of undisclosed issues. Her luggage was lost again. This time I drove the 2 hours, we got a hotel, drove home to Toronto the next day.It took 3 more days for her stuff to arrive. No reparation was made.

United - WORST airline ever.
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What about John Candy? I was 20 when he died (just before Kurt). It was the first celebrity that caught me off guard and made me feel true sadness. It was an odd feeling to have. Kurt was like a kick in the gut once I was already down.

Phil Hartman is one that I still lament to this day. He was an awesome talent.

I miss them all
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Here in Toronto there is a doctor who performs penis enlargements, his name is Dr. Stubbs. He learned the procedure from a Dr. Long. Kind of a before and after collaboration.
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I live in Toronto and we're seeing more and more of this behaviour. That is, victims concealing injuries as well as the identities of there known assailants. Gang crime is on the upswing in our city and these punks would rather retaliate than go to the police. He wasn't being brave,he was hiding the evidence of a crime. There has already been a second stabbing in close proximity to this one. This "brave" teenager is most likely a gang member and not to be lauded as some kind of champion.

Maybe you think I'm generalizing, but I've just read too many news stories lately which state "victim refuses to co-operate with police".
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too watched this when it first aired. I was 9 or 10, and thought it was beautiful and became my favourite xmas song. Still now, at nearly 36 it's makes me all warm and tingly. Good choice on this pick.

- Evilbeagle, "only tolerable Christmas song this atheist can handle.". I had that very same thought the other day when I heard the song for the first time this season. Awesome!
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renderanything- obviously my remark was sarcasm, but I think you got that. Brain Storm is a truly incredible mouse.... reminds me, I should go check the mouse traps in my garage.
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UM - I second what Artbot said. My girlfriend had all the intention in the world to only breastfeed our newborn. At six weeks old and loosing weight due to her low milk supply, (yes she is taking Domperidone) we had no choice but to put him on formula. Be mindful up on your horse. Mothers who can't don't need you making them feel worse.
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