Teen Stabbed, Goes to Job Interview

An unnamed 16-year-old boy was on his way to a job interview at a veterinary clinic in Toronto when he and a companion were stabbed by a couple of assailants. His leg was bleeding, but he made it on time for the interview!
But when employees noticed blood on his leg, they called police.

He and the other student were finally taken to hospital.

"He did really well on the interview and we were very proud of him for sticking to the appointment," said veterinarian Kent Ackerman, adding he was "shocked" the teen would do so.

The Emergency Task Force was dispatched to look for the suspects. http://www.wellandtribune.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1422078 -via Digg

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"Maybe you think I’m generalizing, but I’ve just read too many news stories lately which state “victim refuses to co-operate with police”."

Well, the last time I reported a crime (burglary) to the police, all telling them who I thought the perpetrator was did was enjoin me from doing anything about it myself
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There are such things as cabs, Christophe.

This kid isn't brave because he didn't seek medical attention; he's stupid. If he was the intimidated victim of a crime, he would have been braver to go to the cops.
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Yesterday we had a little celebration for a retiring woman employee. We recalled her interview day : on this very day, her husband forgot and took her car, and all her friends and close neighbours were working or away. Running out of options, and not that far from work, she had to run during 45 mn. She came to the interview red, panting and sweating, but on time and she got the job!
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I live in Toronto and we're seeing more and more of this behaviour. That is, victims concealing injuries as well as the identities of there known assailants. Gang crime is on the upswing in our city and these punks would rather retaliate than go to the police. He wasn't being brave,he was hiding the evidence of a crime. There has already been a second stabbing in close proximity to this one. This "brave" teenager is most likely a gang member and not to be lauded as some kind of champion.

Maybe you think I'm generalizing, but I've just read too many news stories lately which state "victim refuses to co-operate with police".
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