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This is excellent! I work at Blockbuster and have since early '05. There are so many of these movies...it's hilarious. I'm constantly explaining to customers that "Transmorphers" has nothing to do with Transformers (and other situations like that)
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Also, the chair moves most likely because Beardy is wondering why the dog just went into a full sprint, then he seems to get up to see what's going on, then he realizes what's happening. So it's a good 2 - 3 seconds before that the dog realizes.
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I wish videogames looked that natural...

Maybe the guy knew that the only way he'd ever be featured on ESPN is if he did something drastic. And if that's the case, well then it worked.
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During the day you work off a lot calories by moving around and you just naturally have more energy. Your metabolism is going faster, like Justin mentioned.

If you eat at night and then just go to bed you're working off none of those calories. I've known about this for a while and have been trying to apply it to my diet... but it's hard when you get off work at midnight and the plate of lasagna is taunting you from the refrigerator.
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You have pretty good taste in music, Stacy.

Decemberists put on a pretty great show. Haven't seen Animal Collective yet, but I want to.

Also, try to see Of Montreal, Band of Horses, Peter Bjorn & John... all pretty great.
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This was a shopping mall, now it's all covered in flowers
(you got it, you got it)

This was a Pizza Hut, now someone's selling you mattresses
(you got it, you got it)

This was a Dairy Queen, now they're giving you Chinese Food!
(you got it, you got it)
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Haha, Frau, what are you on about? Schools maybe set aside 3 or 4 days a year for pizza parties and fun field trips.

34 days will mean 7 more weeks of school. That sucks.
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No worries, John. It's a cool story, it's too bad it's fabricated. I actually saw it on a forum I post on and thought it was cool, then shortly after someone posted the link with the question about banned books.

The internet is filled with detectives!
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