Dog Senses Earthquake

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This amazing footage is from an Arcata, California news station. We don't know why a dog was in the news room, but the canine knew something was up several seconds before any humans could feel the earthquake that shook northern California on Saturday.

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@ Mark H

Mark, what do the P-waves feel like if we weren't ignoring them? And is it any different than, say, the rumbling caused by a train passing, a diesel truck idling outside or a dozen other sensations that we routinely ignore?
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This video is showing up in Norwegian news media now, with the caption "from the French embassy in Haiti".
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Hey everyone, I am "Beardy", the guy in the video. And yes, I am a pretty fun guy and no I am not a convicted rapist. Babycakes, your brother must be very handsome. The dog is owned by a co-worker of mine. The only reason she was sitting behind me was the rest of my lunch (insert fat guy joke here) in my trash can I caught her trying get a couple minutes before the quake hit. We are in the Times-Standard newsroom in Humboldt County and if it happens again the only thing I'm doing differently is running faster.
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Earthquakes produce Infrasound waves that precede the earthquake by several seconds. Lots of animals can sense this and know it means trouble. Dogs have very keen sensory abilities.
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