Midnight Snacks Will Make You Fat

How much weight you gain may depend on when you eat, according to a new study that looked at the timing of meals in mice. Scientists at Northwestern University fed two groups of mice the same amount of high fat food, but one group ate during regular waking time, while the other ate during what would normally be their sleeping period. The second group gained twice as much weight as the first group!
"For a long time we questioned whether or not eating patterns had anything to do with gaining weight," says obesity expert Dr. Louis Aronne of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He points to previous observational research suggesting that people who skip breakfast in favor of massive meals in the evening hours tend to be overweight. "We had no proof that it's a real problem," says Aronne, who was not involved in the study. "If an experiment like this is replicated in humans, it might clarify for us just how much time of day matters when it comes to obesity."

It is not yet clear whether the difference is due to hormone production or the disruption of sleep patterns. Link -via Digg

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When you eat is dictated by what your sleeping schedule is. I go to bed at midnight so I eat around 9 pm. If you go to bed at 9pm then of course you want to eat earlier.

I thought everyone knew this info already?! :)
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Oh my GOD! We have solved the world's food shortage problems! All we have to do is tell starving children all over the world to eat their crumbs late at night and they will get fatter! GENIUS!
WAIT! I have also used this theory to solve the financial crisis! We should all save one paycheck from the last week of the year and we will be guaranteed to be rich regardless of how much we spent in the other 51 weeks!
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This is interesting and I'm glad I had a chance to read it, but it suffers from one major problem: we really don't have any proof that it can be generalized from mice to humans. Until this proof exists, I think that we should be skeptical about it (i.e., not thinking, "hey, we can eat gallons of ice cream as long as we eat it in the morning!" :P) Although I do wonder about something else... could this mean that people who are natural night owls might be more likely to be overweight because they have to eat during the day, when everyone else is eating, and that's not natural for them... someone should do a study! ;)
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i've known this for a while now and not eating past 8pm is a daily goal that i most likely will not be meeting today.
my 3.5 yr old grandaughter eats late and i think this may be why she has nightmares, or not.
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