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If it's some thing where the clerk has to swipe a valid state id to continue the purchase, then yeah, I can understand it. If the clerk couldn't do it just because of the rule that's ridiculous. I've worked in stores before when the rule was anyone under 30, but I just used common sense.
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How is she not being a kid? You're never too young to learn something. Unless the parents are punishing her to get her to learn geography then they are doing nothing wrong.

On a side note, does it seem like maybe mom is off to the side with a smaller map pointing to where the kid should point?
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It's really hard to believe. Watching that video I can't suppress thoughts that he might still be okay. It just doesn't seem like someone who looks so healthy can deteriorate and die within a couple months; especially with such certainty.
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Yes, he's kept the voice because he and and everyone else is used to it. However, he did not like it at first because it didn't speak with a British accent.
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Besides the fact that I live 20 miles from work, to go outside in the summer here in Phoenix and ride a bike is ridiculous. Some people tolerate 117 degree sunlight better than others, but not me.
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