Warning, Pangea is returning...

in approximately 250 million years. Which means we can all kiss the Atlantic Ocean goodbye. Read a bit more about the nigh-imminent "Pangea Ultima" here. And speaking of Pangea, I highly recommend Jim Rugg's Street Angel. Reminiscent of "The Tick," the first issue's villain is "Dr. Pangea," the "deadliest geologist of the last 1000 years."

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this version of pangea ultima seems incorrect its basically showing that convergent boundaries would become divergent and divergent would become convergent... and transforming boundaries would go in opposite directions... it doesnt make sense if u follow the way theyre moving now n.america should be touching asia and africa would be to the right of europe dus ne1 agree wit meh?????
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This doesn't make any sense. The Mid Atlantic Ridge caused the Americas and Africa/Europe to move away from each other due to volcanic activity. This theory means that that movement suddenly has to reverse itself!

I don't deny that there could be another Pangea one day... but I would assume it would be because the continents had come together through the shrinking of the Pacific Ocean, not the Atlantic.
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It would certainly make people rethink fighting with one another. Then again we're assuming that we haven't had a nuclear war thus causing the entire Earth to be radioactive and scorched! ;)
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Suspending disbelief for a second - imagine waking up tomorrow and all of the sudden, the world is like this (with no death or disaster from the 'sudden' shift).

This would make the US war a little different. All of the sudden, there'd be boarder to worry about....

Also, would 'outsourcing' really be the appropriate term?

I wonder how 'illegal immigration' would change, considering the physical closeness of 3rd world countries to new places.

Austraila could still user their 'down under' terminology. :-)

England is now the coldest place to live! (Well, if the Antarctic is still uninhabited... or in that case, the new country of Antarctica is founded!)

Fun stuff...
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