Baby with a Map

Lilly is almost two years old. When she grows up, she wants to be Miss Teen South Carolina. She’s certainly cute enough! Push play or go to YouTube. -via Videosift

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I think ted and Miss C. should duke it out over a map. Geography death match, first one to miss a country loses.

Something tells me that if ted doesn't know his geography down to the provincial level in every third world country, he probably shouldn't accept the challenge. Miss C. is one smart cookie ;)
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Well, Miss C, the order of the countries might make it a little easier for her, if she's used to it. I was wondering if they switched up the order, if she'd be able to identify the countries as well or as quickly. It could have something to do with it. Not to be cynical or anything, like matt who pointed out that they may be cheating. Just thinking about the whole thought-process thing.

Thanks for your candour, Mark. As I explained above, I didn't doubt that the child could do it. I just didn't need to watch "look how cute my cat is when it falls over" or "look how smart my baby is naming countries" all the way through to get the gist of it.

It's like the phrase "a face only a mother could love", or like grandparents who show pictures of their grandchildren to anybody and everybody.

Face it - it's not that interesting. It was okay, but big whoop.

No reason to resort to name-calling, just because you may find that sort of thing fascinating.

It's my opinion, and I have as much right to it, as you have to yours.
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It's wonderful when little children find learning so much fun. What she retains will be more a function of how often she uses this knowledge in other activities than anything else. She obviously has a bright and active mind and enjoys the interaction with her parents. Those of you that doubt what you have seen haven't spent much time around tots. That's a shame.
And Ted- I stopped reading your post once I smelled the cynicism. It was the sort of thing only an a$$hole could write, much less read all the way through.
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