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On first viewing, I thought this was abuse, clear and simple. After another viewing, I'm not so sure.

I've seen a lot of angry cats being bathed. Bathing, while ostensibly is done under the auspices of health, is a very stressful activity for a cat. Is it abuse? Is it more abusive than what's happening in this video?

What I don't like is the attitude of the humans in the video. It's difficult to tell but it seems they are having a great time throwing the cat around. I find that disturbing. Though not at the same level, it is the same base emotion of crowds that inexplicably allows them to throw all moral judgment aside and do the awful things that crowds can do. And by viewing, I feel that I am part of that crowd and that is an unsettling feeling.

The context in which this video is viewed is a big deal. Are we watching it to laugh at the cat? Are we watching it to shed some light on human behavior that we're not very proud of? If the former, I am very ashamed.
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I have a ferocious fear of heights that I try to challenge when I can. Still have not overcome it. It does not stop me from ladders (xmas lights aren't getting put up by themselves) but I do get vertigo and spaghetti legs on occasion.

Since my son is autistic I tend to see the autism in everything, even when it's not there, but the last moments of this video make me wonder whether this child is exhibiting symptoms of a phobia or symptoms of autism. He's overstimulated, needing an escape for all that energy, and he's clawing at the other kid's hair and finally hitting his own head with his chair. Could be youth and fear or it could be sensory overload. Or he could just be a normal kid being freaked out by freaky puppets doing freaky things.
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I saw McCain, for the first time, as Beavis last night. I expected him to become Cornholio after he said "Me" and do that uncontrolled Beavis giggle.

As for racism, I don't think it was a racist comment. However, when I heard it, I turned to my wife and said "You know, I think he meant to say 'That Negro fellow over there.'"

It just had that To Kill a Mockingbird old-timey courtroom drama feel to it.
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I'm going to be a complete jerk-off moron and point out that the correct plural form of passer-by is passers-by. I'm only saying so because I've seen it consistently misused on this site and it causes my brain to wobble when I see it.

Whew, glad I got that off of my chest.

carry on...
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Yes, Mary's screaming is obnoxious, but have you ever been to a dance show? Screaming is (annoyingly) obligatory. And she only does it when she's thoroughly impressed.

That said, these judges rock. Whereas American Idol judges tend to not know what the hell they're talking about (except maybe Randy), the SYTYCD judges are supremely experienced in both dancing and the dancing industry. Their critiques are usually very constructive to the dancers and informative to those of us not familiar with dance.

I find it a bit snarky of Adam, having never actually seen the show, to regard it as cheesy, yet be impressed enough with the one dance he has seen to post it here.

Do a youtube search on Robert Muraine. Some insane hip-hop dance right there, courtesy of this "otherwise cheesy" show.
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