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Wait a second. When you watch the video that Michael S. posted (which was uploaded in 2007) it says that Daisy is 11.
You'd think that the article would mention that the pictures are 4 years old.
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Why don't you mention the fact that that sack she's holding contains her 5 YEAR OLD BROTHER
That was seroiulsy the most shocking thing I read in this article!
haha jeeeeeeez. I think being in the bag might actually be scarier!
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How is it not still enchanting and beautiful?

People are remarking on the similarity, and hell this could be where Rowling got the idea in the first place! In fact it makes it even more enchanting, because obviously if it was true then she thought the image and idea were striking.
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haha Was I the only one who saw the Simpsons this past weekend?
Marge and Homer make the American curling team. It was actually pretty hilarious.
Or when Stephen Colbert tried out for the curling team.
hahahaha I didn't know what it was before this year but for some reason popular culture was obsessed with it.
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Akbar is a common name in South Asia and the Arab world. It does mean biggest but it also means greats. Thus the chant Allahu Akbar which means God is greatest.

However I imagine that in Urdu the word zib is not slang for penis. So unfortunate name but nothing the parents could have expected.

I'm sure that some of the sames that people give to children here translate to something funny/unintended in other languages. For instance, Matt in Arabic means DEAD. Or the fact that Porntip is a girls name in Thailand
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When I was in elementary school late 90s this is how they served us our milk. You stabbed it with a straw a la capri sun and hoped you didn't stab right through and make a mess. Which is a lot to ask from a kindergartener
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