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Inaccurate? Perhaps. Over-engineered? Probably. But who cares? It's awesome and he probably had fun building it. I wish I had a grandpa who made cool stuff like that, instead of birdhouses.
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Kev, I don't know where you got your info, but the term "slider" originated at White Castle as a name for their little burgers which are slid into a cardboard sleeve. (Some say they're called sliders because of the way they exit your body.)Lots of restaurants are now serving mini-burgers called "sliders", but it started at White Castle.
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There's a lot of poverty in WV, especially the Appalachia areas. I imagine there are a lot of people working two or three jobs just to get by. Unfortunately, that's why meth is so popular in areas like that: it allows people to work two or three jobs with little sleep and little food. It's a sad situation.
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As long as he was 100% sure it was the right guy... good for him. I admire him. As pointed out above: he wasn't the "alleged" killer, he was the CONVICTED killer.
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Low blood sugar? Are you suggesting he had a diabetic attack, and decided the best course of action was to stumble down to the convenience store and buy a 6-pack? The Robitussin theory above is more reasonable.
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The angle and direction of the shoe suggest it was launched from somewhere around the middle of her back. Also, it's moving in the same direction as the wind. I would agree there's something sexually suggestive about the way she's posing, but the shoe has nothing to do with it.
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Well, travis, if you're going to get nitpicky about terminology, "average" isn't appropriate either. Most people are either taller or shorter than average. Very few people are exactly the "average" height. On the other hand, one of the dictionary definitions of "normal" is "characterized by average development", and as such, "normal" is probably more appropriate than "average".
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I like how this feeds into the stereotype of women (a) being obsessed with their weight and (b) having a need to constantly be praised and reassured of their value. You've come a long way, baby!
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Do they make t-shirts for people who are proud of their adult-onset diabetes? How about a t-shirt that says "I'll be dead before my grandchildren are born!" Or maybe one that says "I'm a major candidate for heart disease!"
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DONNA JUANITA is an Italian opera about a man who disguises himself as a woman. So I think that guy was using an obscure literary reference to say "no trannies".
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