Funny Money: Unusual and Fascinating Currency

Dark Roasted Blend takes a look at artful and unusual bank notes from around the world, past and present. You thought Zimbabwe's inflation was outrageous when they issued the 100 billion dollar notes? Now they have 100 trillion dollar notes! That kind of hyperinflation is not new, as you'll see in this post. Link

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Wow, that's quite the piece of history you have in your hands.


Please stop spreading your counterfeit bills, everyone knows the 1000 internet note has Serious Cat on it.
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I have quite a few of these which I got when I was in Zimbabwe a year ago. They're worth literally nothing as the country is using US dollars as its currency. When I was there they had just abandoned the Zimbabwe dollar and were converting cash machines to dispense US dollars.
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I own one of these, as well as some other lower denominations of ZWD. This was useless when it was printed and now it's if possible even more useless since they removed quite a few zeroes some time ago. With today's exchange rate this bill would be worth 265745000000 USD, clearly that's not the case.

Hyper-inflation is great fun though, I also own a 500 million mark bill from Germany when they went through their bout of hyper-inflation quite a few decades ago.
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I own a set of these notes - pretty amazingly to look at - but honestly - they're clearly not the most beautiful or well-designed money. No watermarks or carefully crafted art. It's clear they know these will be useless shortly - so there's not particularly interesting elements to the bills other than their high denominations.
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