The Boy Scouts at 100

The US division of the Boy Scouts turns 100 today. The movement began in Britain under the leadership of General Robert Baden-Powell. An American publisher, William Boyce, met a Boy Scout in London and was so impressed that he decided to bring scouting to the United States. It grew rapidly during World War I and reached its peak with 6.5 million members in the 1972:

Supporters say the scouting experience builds strong, confident leaders. They point with considerable pride to its roster of former Scouts who went on to great achievement, including President Kennedy, astronaut Neil Armstrong, baseball great Hank Aaron and filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

"I think the Scouts have changed America profoundly, because as of now, 110 million people have worn the Scout uniform in one way or another. And the moral lesson and the experiences that have been imparted to them have obviously percolated through society as a whole just too profound to really enumerate," said Wills.

Link via Fast Company | Image: Norman Rockwell

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I hate to break it to all of you who are angry at Jesus and Boy Scouts but as A woman ScoutMaster and I accepted the position because my son's Troop needed someone to step up to the plate (we didn't have any men who were willing to do so). But yes most Scout Troops, dens whatever are affiliated with Churches. You need to get over that. Jesus loves you - all of you no matter who you are or what you've done or are doing. And if you don't believe in Him. At least He believes in you. As far as Scouting - If you or your son doesn't want to hear a message like that while out on a camping trip in the middle of no where for a few minutes while the rest are Thanking God for the morning meal or the lunch or the diner then let him hold hands over his ears for a minutes. It will not hurt him. As far as homosexuals - I'm not one - i don't know what to tell you but honestly as a Christian all I can say is Jesus loves you and I'm sure your mother loves you but putting a homosexual male in with a bunch of boys is like putting a straight teenage boy in with a dorm room with a bunch or teenage girls. Don't be dumb. There are reasons why they are kept out of Scouting. Get over it. better safe than sorry or better to stay away so you would never be accused of something you would never do.
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scot: "The Boy SCouts have give far mor eto this earth than gays or athiests."....

WOW...your not discriminating at all *facepalms* im not familiar with the accomplishments of the homosexual community, however... i really think you need to watch this video...

peace, <3 , n \m/
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I have a lot of respect for the boy scouts. I was a boyscout and so was Hergé (the writer of Tintin)and he is one of my personal heroes. On the other hand, I can't see why the boy scouts couldn't leave out the Christian morality, in practice it's always been more about instilling a community spirit, discipline and practical skills. Accepting Jesus into your life and barring homosexuals from joining doesn't seem particularly community-spirit-like, unless you feel that homosexuals and non-Christians have less to learn from the boyscouts.

On the topic of morality and "clean-living", it was at a boyscout camp that me, my friend and several other boys learned how to drink...and we've kept it up since ;)
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