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I'm a female and I don't want to do that bonding "deep" crud with my friends. What the hell...
And if anyone starts getting all open about their love/feminine problems... good friggin grief, tell it to your OBGYN, not me.
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I've been thinking i might be allergic to milk products after eating yoghurt with the "new" pro-biotics in it and getting whicked gas (normally I dont eat much dairy, so I never really thought about it.)
Either its the milk or ...hmm..could I be allergic to the "Bifidus Regularis" cultures in Activia?
Damn... nothing is safe anymore.
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I can't imagine volcano fumes being that great for you... all the molten rocks and metals, gases being released... It would seem to me like cooking your dinner over an Industrial rubbsish burn pile... ick.
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Sometimes we encounter the strangest things just randomly clicking links and websurfing.
Not so long ago I clicked a link to some site talking about this moon crater, and ended up at some conspiracy theory website showing this weird footage of an ancient alien building on the moon. Fake of course, but man... that was weird footage for some reason it creeped me out. Wish I could find the link again. :/
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As silly and absurd as the movie Hackers was, as a kid with little direction, its still got me interested in programming (and maybe an issue or two of 2600...ahem.)
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Why I'd help a dog before a homeless person:
Homeless person has squandered and misused every oppertunity given to turn their situation around and continues to do so by not taking advantage of state/fed resources for homeless people.
Dog has done nothing wrong, except being a dog. Possibly in a way their owner did not like (chewing, poo'ing, barking).
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Cool in a way, but I gotta say I am getting awfully tired of Memes taking on way too much life, and as a byproduct lasting way...way...way...way... too long.
keyboard cat, 3 wolf moon, pedobear, amazing horse song, "is this real life" kid (god I hate that ad on TV now) ... I'm lookin' at you all and many more. Die already, I moved on so plz stop milking the cash cow for a buck when its udders are dried rasins!

Trolololo was amusing for a moment, and the moment is gone. Savor it, and let it freakin DIE.
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The cost to the consumer will likely stay the same. Just more profit for the fish farmers...
So tell me this: Why as a consumer, would I want mutant fish fillets, if I have to pay the same price I always paid?

No thanks.
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I knew this would happen. "the movie" would release, and there would be a nausiating round of Alice in wonderland posts from the blog-o-sphere, stores would be doing AIWL themes, and merchandising would be through the roof.
Why o why do we have to drive things into the ground?
Can't we all just say: Hey, that was a good movie, and move on? Gawd I am sick of AIWL already.
Thank you humanity for ruining it.
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Its the double standard society that we have created that is the biggest ugliest monster out there.

If it is NOT ok for Joe to do something, but Bob can ( because he is not Joe) then it should not be allowed for Bob either.

If Joe is white and cannot have a TV channel exclusively for white people, why can Bob do it because he is black?
IF Joe is atheist and cannot put on a T-shirt sparking debate on the topic, why can Bob do it because he is a Christian?
IF Joe is a random person and has to do community service for drunk driving, why doesn't Bob, just because he's a celebrity?

I wonder if we'll ever be able to hold our heads up and say things are fair. I imagine the world has better odds of ending before that ever happens.
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Social networking is for mindless morons. I don't need to know about every second of your non-important day, and I don't really want you to know every second of mine. Facebook, twitter,myspace and even youtube at times = pure mindless chatter of non-important individuals who think they are important.
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Yeah I don't like to get so up-close and personal with people I don't know. Geeze if you're going to get that intimate, at least buy me a drink first. >_>
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In my experience: The more isolated/remote/small a town, the more freakishly cult-like and religous they are.
Religious nuts love small towns because theres less people to stand up to their extremist views, and they get to be control freaks over the rest.
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Do it. Lets make the universe compatible with homegrown bio. If there's alien life out there that can be damaged, then oh well. Welcome to the survival of the fittest. Its a battle that earth organisms have been having for quite some time,just with ourselves.
Also if there's alien life to be "damaged" maybe it was seeded by some other intelligent alien doing what we want to do. How would you ever know otherwise?

Also maybe that's how life on earth started. A bio bomb from some ancient alien race. You can't go around whining about right/wrong on this sort of thing, it'll be forever debatable and times a wastin'.
Just do it and deal with the results.
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