Shields Up! British Military Developing Force Fields for Tanks

Researchers at Britain's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory are developing machines that can generate electrical fields that could repel projectile attacks:

When a threat from incoming fire is detected by the vehicle, the energy stored in the supercapacitor can be rapidly dumped onto the metal plating on the outside of the vehicle, producing a strong electromagnetic field.

Scientists behind the project claim this would produce a momentary "force field" capable of repelling the incoming rounds and projectiles.

Although it would last for only a fraction of a second, if timed correctly it could prevent rocket propelled grenades, which detonate on impact, from reaching their target. The supercapacitor could then be rapidly recharged ready for another attack.

Link via io9 | Image: Paramount

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Bearfoot: true, it's just your "tax dollars at work" but generally, the really important technologies do make it to the civilian sector eventually... And when they figure out how to upsize the shielding size and power, I'm sure NASA (or your preferred equivalent) will be really, really happy to get the technology for their shuttles/equiv.
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Nice.. but what happens if they have two or three RPGs.. how fast can this thing recharge?

And don't get too excited coldfish. Someone will invent a laser that's not effected by this.

Oh wait, they're working on that too.

Your tax dollars at work.
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i don't think an electromagnetic feild is quite the sort of thing that is going to shock one per se. it is more of a feild of charge that can repel, sort of like how a magnet can repel (or attract) an object without shocking you in the least. weak electromagnetic feilds exsist surrounding many commonplace things. i imagine the dangers of a high power EMF is more likely going to be things like cancer and what have you, which rely at least partially on long term exposure.

the fact that this technology can only be implemented for a fraction of a second would sound somewhat limiting if not for the advent of computer systems in all aspects of war, i am sure this shall be linked to a computer, and that makes the timing issue less crippling.

i am always happy to see militaries spending money to develope armor rather than weapons. gundams next plz?
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So will they use the special Mark-9 Zero-Point module or the more reliable but oh so expensive Warp-7 field generator to power those "supercapacitors"?

//I wish I had a new ion blaster to shoot whoever thought it was a clever idea to put graphics in the neatorama comment input box - just on the gut buster stun level of course//
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