Manmade Moon Crater

The crater shown was created in 1970 by the Apollo 13 moon mission. Wait -you remember Apollo 13 {wiki}, don't you? That's the one where Tom Hanks James Lovell and his crew didn't get to land because everything went wrong! Still, they ejected the third stage of the Saturn V rocket and sent it toward the moon's surface. Forty years later, this is considered a fairly new crater. The picture was taken just last year. Read all about it at Bad Astronomy Blog. Link

(image credit: NASA, NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University)

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Sometimes we encounter the strangest things just randomly clicking links and websurfing.
Not so long ago I clicked a link to some site talking about this moon crater, and ended up at some conspiracy theory website showing this weird footage of an ancient alien building on the moon. Fake of course, but man... that was weird footage for some reason it creeped me out. Wish I could find the link again. :/
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"Manmade Moon Crater"

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