Unexplained Illness? Maybe It's Food Allergy

If you're feeling sick to your stomach yet doctors can't find anything wrong with you, it may be something you eat. Here's a story by Ed Rockey for the Los Angeles Times, where his food allergy was even misdiagnosed by a doctor as being depressed:

"We've done every test I can think of, and there's nothing organically wrong with you," said the internist. "I think you are clinically depressed. I'm putting you on an antidepressant." I had an intuitive sense I'd been misdiagnosed. Had I ever felt depressed? Sure. But the symptoms I had reported to him didn't feel like depression. I asked him about the side effects of the drug he prescribed. I refused to take it. As I left, he warned me, "You'll be sorry."

A couple of months later, I was in the office of a dermatologist for a routine checkup, and I had one of those attacks of nausea and weakness. It was the first time I'd had those dreaded symptoms while with a physician. He checked my vitals. Blood pressure was way down, for one thing. He got a hunch. "I once had a patient with symptoms just like yours," he said. "Turned out he had food allergies. Why not get checked out for food allergies?"

An endocrinologist ran tests, which indicated I was allergic to several foods. Results came in a flow-chart format, displaying levels of severity associated with my allergies. The most severe: cow's milk. The next most severe: wheat.


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Food allergy can be mild and life threatening too. Most common symptoms (Within a few minutes of ingestion)include: skin irritations, swelling, and difficulty with breathing.

The Top Eight Allergies:
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I am allergic to aloe (all forms of it), and for years I had stomach troubles.

Come to find out that aloe, is in the same plant family as onions and garlic, and it is the onions that have caused my stomach troubles primarily. Garlic doesn't affect me that much, but then again most people only consume it as an herb.

For the curious: if I consume aloe, or touch it I break ou in fever blisters. It's so bad that if I touch a door or shake hands with someone using aloe, my hands break out. Not fun, but it is better than wearing gloves everywhere.
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@People-watching a kid go batshit crazy for 6 hours, and then spending the next 6 hours holding them while they scream in agony and have bloody diarrhea after being fed something with wheat or dairy in it would me be heavily opposed to whatever food product caused it, too.

Saying no one would have food allergies, like you, if they all followed the same upbringing as you is facetious and not the way to make your point.
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believe it or not...this can actually be CAUSED by the genetically modified corn and soy we have floating around in the USA.

I try to stay away from everything genetically modified and in the process, found out I had a wheat allergy...when going off of wheat I dropped 16lbs and sleep better with less irritability. None of these were diagnosed by a doctor.

Best bet is to stick with 100% organic.
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