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The artist had a 44 foot x 15 foot installation When the Animals Rebel at Rice University Art Gallery in 2007. Pictures at the link. Parts of it are installed at the Rice U. library.

Rice Art Gallery, one of the best in the country IMHO.

Proof here.
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I am sad to think that "Klaus" was a parody, just because it is so brilliant.

So, I nominate "Shake Hands with Danger" as best genuine safety movie. See link for embedded video.

"...May be frightening and surprising to some viewers, and contains great country-style song by a Johnny Cash-soundalike."
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Erik wins!

"My top three (not just Adult Swim!)

1. Venture Bros.
2. Lucy, Daughter of the Devil
3. Invader Zim"

My list exactly!

Plus, when we lived in Atlanta good fortune + blogging acquaintances =ed a phone call from Killface to my wife for her birthday.

We have much love for the Frisky Dingo boys in this house.
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This is just the thing I'd do on a trip.

So, do we have a location for this? Between the spoken italian and the look of the valley buildings, I'm betting Italy. But where?
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This place is great and worth the trip through rural Nebraska.  Besides the monuments themselves, it's always fun to see who else beside yourself felt like visiting.

My visit eventually included a trio of senior citizens, with one trying to navigate in a wheel chair.  Also a couple of edgy, punky girls.  Roadside attractions: bringing all Americans closer!

Also cute, at Cadillac Ranch, a parent was teaching a kid to proper use of a spray can...
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The mystical rock moving power sounds like the claims of Coral Castle (Florida) builder Edward Leedskalnin...

"Since it is documented that no one ever witnessed Ed's labor in building his rock gate park, some say he had supernatural powers. Ed would only say that he knew the secrets used to build the ancient pyramids and if he could learn them, you could too! "
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The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum has a 1966 Peel Trident in its collection. I am hoping to visit the museum soon, as the website's online tour looks great.
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He has a installation at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, which he talked about this evening. Is it art?... not gonna say, but he really enjoys the exploratory aspect of spending large amounts of time in other peoples houses and yards. At the end of the installation (Saturday June 24), there will be a yard sale of all the items, of course.
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