The Painted Books of Mike Stilkey

Photo: Dave Kinsey

California-based artist Mike Stilkey paints images on the bindings of books. From an interview with the webzine Fecal Face:

Why did you choose to paint on books? It seems like it would have been a challenge to go from working on paper to painting on something so dimensional. What was that transition like?

It was sort of an accident. I was painting on book pages for forever, and actually published a book in 2005 titled "100 Portraits" in which I drew one hundred portraits on old book pages. At the time, I was drawing on books, records or anything else I could find at a thrift store. Eventually, I started drawing on the books themselves. I was going to do a project where I just drew on the covers of the books, and as I finished them I would stack them against the wall. It dawned on me that it might be a good idea to paint down the spines of the books instead of just on the covers. The first one I did I didn't really think much of, but I brought it down to BLK/MRKT, and I remember Jana going crazy over it. We showed it at the second Artists' Annual group show where it got quite a bit of attention, including attention from Kim Davenport, the director of Rice Gallery in Houston

You can read the full interview and see large images of his work at the link. via io9 | Artist's Website

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You want to talk about painting on books, how about fore edge painting? Amazing antique artwork painted on the papers' edges, seen only when the all the pages are splayed out a bit and disappearing when it's closed and squared up. That would be worth an entry, and more interesting than this lumpy cartoonish mural.
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The artist had a 44 foot x 15 foot installation When the Animals Rebel at Rice University Art Gallery in 2007. Pictures at the link. Parts of it are installed at the Rice U. library.

Rice Art Gallery, one of the best in the country IMHO.

Proof here.
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fecal face is actually pretty well known in the visual arts community alex

sometimes they have neat stuff, a lot of it is somewhat medicore. this guy for example, the book thing is neat, but his images aren't spectacular.
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