Best Work Safety Video EVAR: Forklift Driver Klaus

(YouTube link)

Now this is what a work safety video should be like! Here's a German training video for forklift operators, called "Forklift Driver Klaus"

 [in German with English subtitles] - Thanks Badjuk!

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I am sad to think that "Klaus" was a parody, just because it is so brilliant.

So, I nominate "Shake Hands with Danger" as best genuine safety movie. See link for embedded video.

"...May be frightening and surprising to some viewers, and contains great country-style song by a Johnny Cash-soundalike."
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Man, that was like a video of all the stupid things we used to do with forklifts when I worked at a brewery (labatt) in the early 80s. My foreman once had me stand on a pallet and he lifted me to the top of a row of beer that was leaning kind of precariously. The next morning the entire row fell down (this was when we went from stubby bottles to the long neck bottles and they hadn't figured out how to stack them yet). another time, we get a little pissed befoer the friday night shift, and when I jumped on my forklift for said foreman, he asked me to shift a pallet off the palletizer and I wasn't paying attention and rammed the forks through the bottom row of boxes. pop pop pop pop

don't drink and drive a forklift.

I'm really pretty lucky to be alive.
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Looks like the video's been removed from Youtube at this point. Though in reading the comments I think I'm kind of glad I missed it - I realize it's just meant for humorous purposes but seeing violent accidents always really -gets- to me no matter how staged they are, I'm a whuss when it comes to those things ...

As for the "EVAR" - strangely enough I still rather like it, it's obviously being used in a semi-mocking sense, not actually trying to be like the Valley Girls so much as appropriating their speech for humorous effect ... So yeah ... "EVAR," still funny; "humorous" injuries/death, not so much - that about sums it up for me!
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