Stonehenge, According to 15th Century Text.

Art historian Christian Heck discovered a drawing of Stonehenge in 15th century text, which gave credit to Merlin for building the mysterious stone structure:

In the Scala Mundi, the Chronicle of the World, Merlin is given credit for building Stonehenge between 480 and 486, when the Latin text says he "not by force, but by art, brought and erected the giant's ring from Ireland". Modern science suggests that the stones went up from 2,500 BC, with the bluestone outer circle somehow transported from west Wales, and the double decker bus-size sarsen stones dragged 30 miles across Salisbury plain.


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The mystical rock moving power sounds like the claims of Coral Castle (Florida) builder Edward Leedskalnin...

"Since it is documented that no one ever witnessed Ed's labor in building his rock gate park, some say he had supernatural powers. Ed would only say that he knew the secrets used to build the ancient pyramids and if he could learn them, you could too! "
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The part that interests me most is the manuscript appears to be on lined paper! I wasn't aware that it was widely available in 1440!!! Perhaps someone scribbled it in a school jotter? Are there holes punched on the side to fit in a ring binder????
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Stonehenge would be a lot better if they let you inside the ring (even if they have to rope-off the stones).

The tour lied about "they'll let you in up close" - they don't. Not anymore anyways. Still, I was glad I got to see it, albeit from a distance.

I agree that Bath is a lot more fun! Try the Sally Lund Bun when you're there!
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