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MissC, my point is that he would still be considered a freak. This entire comment section, and the post in general kind of prove that. I believe you when you say that there are decidedly large people at your local buffet...but the fact that you have mentioned them indicates to me that you took special note of their size. Were they not still considered freaks, you wouldn't have even mentioned them.

And Max Power, perhaps I should have worded differently, I simply mean that losing weight isn't as easy as people think it is.
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Well this is just offensive bullcrap. Chauncy Morlan weighed upwards of 550lbs (several websites claim 602lbs)...that's still in the "freakish" territory these days. Yes, there are people his size when you go places in America, though certainly not a DOZEN, and they're still viewed as freaks. BELIEVE ME. My husband, at 6 feet tall, weighs a solid 425lbs. He is constantly stared at, treated badly and viewed as a freak. It is NOT OKAY to make fun of a fat person or treat them badly. You have no idea the pain they go through on a daily basis. And NO. It IS NOT as easy as putting down the fork...if it were I would guess that there would not be an obesity epidemic in this country.

I simply do not understand how a feeling and emotional human being can post something of this nature and think it was okay. It's not. You're promoting hate and opening up comments that are going to hurt people...a LOT of people according to the medical community. WHY would you do that? I understand how you feel about the medically obese, I just don't think that posting a picture of a sideshow freak is anything but needlessly inflammatory.
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This made me laugh: "I know it's food they were throwing around, but some people are allergic to cheese," said senior James Blake. "I can see if they served peanut butter and jelly. But just cheese? It's ridiculous."

The policy has been on the books for a long time soI can understand why the school did it. Being punished for something is SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable. If you're going to be an idiot and participate in a coordinated food fight, you have to be willing to face the consequences.

And that list of normal menu options made me want to go eat a cheese sandwich. They're whining because they're not being allowed to eat utter crap for lunch. Ugh.
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Yeah, I agree that article makes some really sweeping generalizations, but WHAT is up with all the girly-friendship hate? I'm a reasonably mature grown woman, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I have really deep-bonding touchy-feelie relationships with several women and a couple of guys. I didn't know I was so weird for that...

Anyway...article is fairly ridiculous.
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I think the dog just feels the very beginning of the quake, maybe a split second early. Beardy obviously felt something, and on the second camera the dog zips past well after the first rumble that causes the camera to shake and the glass in the big window to vibrate.

Poor dog...his panicked run just breaks my heart.
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Well they do say that they're "now ready to shrink the process down further, to create gears smaller than a micrometer." I guess once they have the "Not Nano" gears perfected they're confident that they can go super-ickle without much effort. I'm not convinced, though. Six-to-25 millimeters is a LONG way from six-to-25 nanometers.
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The thunderstorm-sounding choir was nifty until they started singing. There were some serious off-key things going on there.

And I want to know how cigarette guy figured out he could even do that trick.
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