Freak Show Fat

Pictured is Chauncy Morlan, who once made a living as a side show fat man. People paid money to look at him, because he was so unusually obese. A hundred years later, you can walk into any buffet restaurant and see a dozen people bigger than Morlan. Adam Ozimek at Modeled Behavior wonders what size people we will consider normal or freakish 100 years from now. Link -via TYWKIWDBI

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As for the people that think it is okay to make fun of fat people and that it might even encourage them to lose weight, it will likely have the opposite affect and make them more depressed and eat more.
With that said obesity is also likely the result of emotional problems that need to be addressed. I don't think it is as simple as someone being addicted to food though it probably leads to that.
And yes, there are also other causes to obesity like processed foods, tv, video games, etc.
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I weigh 135 lbs (male) and I want to weigh 150-160, but I can't gain the wait for the life of me. Why? Because I eat healthy as hell, and I refuse to put on weight by eating what fat people eat. In high school, I ate basically nothing but fast food and when I saw my metabolism turning around, I took action.

"Cutting back" on soda, candy, and fried food is not dieting. If you want to be thin and healthy, there's no place for any of that stuff AT ALL. Zero. And you can't just lose a bunch of weight, say "mission accomplished," and resume your old habits.

And the genetic arguments are ridiculous. Matter doesn't just appear out of nowhere. You can't cover your body with fat without putting it in your mouth first. Nobody has genes that make them store collared greens as fat.

So if you're physically or psychologically addicted to junk food, just accept the fact that you have to either kick that habit or live with the consequences of being overweight. You are killing yourself slowly by demanding that others consider you attractive. You may win the political correctness battle and make "fat" a four-letter word, but you'll never get people to like the sight of obesity.

I admit that the food I eat does not make me enjoy eating. I resent eating most of the time and only do it out of necessity (like refueling a car) because veggies and grains just don't taste that good. But between the meals, I feel strong, energetic, and attractive. There is a lot of joy to be found in things besides food.
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Here is the problem I have with this whole debate. Everyone keeps saying obese people can't help it or it's not thier fault or it's a disease.... OK fine, my point is IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GAIN WIEGHT BY BREATHING... Something MUST be shoveled in for the body to store as fat. If you are genetically predispositioned to wieght gain, then yes, it is a bit more difficult to remain healthy but not impossible. Obesity is NOT a handicap it's a self inflicted wound.
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in Singapore they had a policy that caused fat children to be mocked and made fun of, they were segregated in special fat classes and made to do exercise and diet .

Some killed themselves because they were so unhappy, but overall you have very few fat people in Singapore, so is it moral to kill some people by mocking them if you save a far larger number who would have died because of being fat .

Id say yes so Id be in favor of mocking people doing anything to stop them from ruining their health.
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