The School Cafeteria Strikes Back ... With Cheese!

Whatever you do, don't piss off the cafeteria staff. Here's what students at Atlantic City High School learned the hard way:

School administrators have found an effective way to crack down on students who engage in food fights: Let them eat cheese. And nothing else.

Students at Atlantic City High School were served plain cheese sandwiches for two days this week as punishment for a cellphone-coordinated food fight that broke out recently.

One parent likened the American cheese between two dry slices of plain white bread to "a prison meal."

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Eh, forget those fancy cheese sandwiches and serve them "prison loaf" instead! It's basically all the leftovers blended together, mixed with cornmeal and baked into a bread-like loaf.
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It's because high school students are selfish and don't care about the poor janitors that have to clean it up. When I was in high school, I felt so bad for the janitors whenever the seniors would do their pranks and mess up the whole school. So you eat just a cheese sandwich for lunch for 2 days! Get over it! I wouldn't doubt it if half of them needed to lose weight anyway
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A prison meal? I don't think so.
Prison meals are extravagant when you compare them to a cheese sandwich.
A typical meal consists of a meat, two veggies, a salad and a starch. Sometimes you get fruit and vegetable in place of the two veggies.
The way the meal turns out depends on who is preparing it.
If the parents do not like the actions - they are free to make brown bag lunches for their kids.
High five to the cafeteria staff of Atlantic High School.
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K!P, you got it. American cheese is awful.

But this hardly seems like a punishment to me. I can see a good lawyer saying this doesn't fulfill the requirements for a "healthy" lunch though.

Crazy idea: pack your own lunch!
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