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A friend of mine showed me this a few weeks ago. To be honest, I don't care for this type of music, or the whole 'urban' style in general, but these guys are just plain awesome. That flip the dude in red does toward the end? And the guy in the white T whose feet seem like they aren't connected to his legs? Incredible...
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Sure, the skunk in the video is cute, but skunks aren't as cute when they come in to your fenced backyard and spray your dog in the face and 2 in the morning. At that particular moment, I would not have shed a tear if every skunk in the world instantly dropped dead.

Seriously, ignore the cuteness of the vid and answer the question, what purpose to skunks serve in the grand scheme?
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I agree 100% with Ted. If it required no effort to create, and you have to explain what it is, art it is not. The one exception I think would be the box and cassette made from foam. They required some artistic ability to create, but they are so convincing that they appear to simply be trash. But again it's an issue of context.
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