The World's Highest Fountain

King Faud’s Fountain in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia shoots water over a thousand feet into the air! See a video of the fountain in action at deputy dog.

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That really should be "tallest", not "highest." The fountain in Cusco, Peru ( is much higher, but it's no where near as tall.

Your Friendly Pedant.
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Saw the Geneva 459 feet one and it was already impressive. you could see the flume miles away.

SA symbol : springing petroleum?
CH symbol : laundering the money earned in SA?
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I'm with is a physical impossibility to shot a prolonged stream of water 1000 feet straight up into the air, as a coherent column at sufficient velocity and pressure would succumb to drag and dissolve into mist fairly quickly. I bet you could shoot an ice cube that far, though.
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Good to see my gas money is being wisely spent on the good stuff, instead of wasting it improving their own population's lifestyle or education or health or civil rights or information or other useless junk like that.
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