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I'm from the UK, so I'll let you in on how it works. Really, we're about half and half.

Tempreture: Centigrade, though Fahrenheit is given too.
Distance: Road signs will show Miles.
Speed: Again, signs show speed limit in Miles per Hour. Speedometers show MPH, with KPH in smaller values on pritty much every car built over here.
Weight: Kilograms usually, though Lbs is also available on most food items... Though in street markets, Lbs is still used more it seems.
Volume: Litres, though again, Pints is given
Petrol (Gas): Litres only, and the price is given as £s per Litre (usually an insane amount :-P).

Thats about all I can think of. Oh, ask someone their height, 95% of the time it'll be in Feet and inches, weight will be in Stones and Pounds.
Schools almost never teach in Imperial measurements, and conversion rates are only covered briefly in classes.

Hope it helps!
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Ooh, that's an addictive little game!

I've made the team 'Neatorama' If anyone wants to join to prove that you can beat me :-)

(Actually, that won't be too hard!)
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Oh my...

I was shocked when this guy had to use his "Ask the Audience" on this, and I almost fell off my chair when those results came in... wow.
You've really got to wonder what they're teaching in French schools when things like this happen.

Oh and cool, you can swear on the French version of millionaire!
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Interesting. I'm sure they had something like this in use during World War 2. I'm no expert, but they are included in the game Company of Heroes, and that game is an accurate simulation of the war.

And yes, that narrator is very annoying, we all knew that nothing was going to happen to him, stop hyping it up! XD
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Great article! I love that picture of Discovery taking off. I watched this launch live (well, with a 20 second delay) on NasaTV the other night, great launch. It was worth staying up until 2am for!

Great facts too, quite interesting.
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Nice article, though I think that the title should be changed, since it gives the wrong impression. Evolution takes many thousands of years, not 15. What's happened here is that one single generation have adapted to their new surroundings, in a similar way to any other animal.

Interesting article, thanks.
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What a surprise...
Here he goes again, not listening to a word that the educated minds of the world are saying to explain these ever-increasing anomalies. Maybe, one day, you'll think to yourself "I don't know, maybe I am thinking about all this the wrong way round"... heh nahh, who am I kidding! Also, please don't bring politics into the frame again, we're not all intrested in the mishaps and misdemeanors of Dubya et al, and his small group of right wing followers that would believe anything he says.

Anyway, nice article neatorama, I heard of these NCAR studies last year, seems that they've just published the results, thanks for the link :-). Also leads on nicely from the ol' Ford F650 XUV article (and the comments thereof, of course).
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Actually, I don't give a crap about the US political system, I don't live there, and I don't want to live over there, so don't lecture me on how great dubya is, and how anything the other party say is BS, because I don't base my views of life on what political leaders think, or religious rules/ideals otherwise I'd never learn anything. I just believe in SCINTIFIC EVIDENCE, and base my decisions on what I interprate those results to mean. And as you can see from the evidence I have provided, the world tempretures are rising at increasing rates, due to increases of CO2 in the atmosphere. That, you can not deny.

Anyway, I'm going to end it here as there is no point in going on, it seems that I can't convince you to open your eyes, and you are most certainly not going to weiver my beliefs in science.
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Sorry Doug, you must've missed my wikipedia link: Now that doesn't look like a repeated pattern to me, and better yet:, the tempreture pattern norms over the last 2000 years, see a pattern? because all I can see is a HUGE increase in the last 200 years. And if you want to go way back: that is a graph of the co2 readings from antartic ice cores going back 400 thousand years, notice the big peak? that's a mixture of natural and man made increases of co2, mainly coming from factories in the time since the industrial age. And a fact, indisputable to any scientist, is that co2 causes the greenhouse effect, which is the primary cause of global walming. If you'd like more information, check out the wikipedia article dedicated to the subject: Just because america has only just woken up to the prospect of Global Walming doesn't mean that it's only just started happening. All this adds up to a unhappy future for us all, unfortunatly. Sea levels are rising (this is, of course, already happening, just check out the sinking island of Tuvalu:, the summer months are becoming longer and walmer every year and Atlantic storms are increasing in size, speed and number (everyone remembers last year, right?).
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Doug, where have you been living in the last 10 years? It is common knowledge in the scientific community that global walming IS happening, and that all facts are pointing to the earth walming and an increasing rate. The disputable fact is weather it is a human or natural cause. Most research these days is pointing to a mixture of both, so the earth would've risen in tempreture anyway, it just wouldn't have happened so fast if we hadn't invented monstrosities like this... thing. Aah well, only in America.

Btw Doug, please research all the facts before trying to make an educated comment, otherwise it just makes you look stupid.
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