Ford F650 Super Truck XUV.

If this looks a little extreme, that's because it is: you're looking at the F650 Super Truck XUV (Xtreme Utility Vehicle). Some even comes with 300HP Caterpillar with 900 lbs of torque. Starting price? $94,000.

Link - via eBaum's World, Thanks Tim Wells!

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You stupid left wing nuts need to be commited just bc its a big truck doesnt mean its a bad truck besides it is basicly a semi w/ a bead besides yaw caused the worst problem of them all its called barack obama
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Hey what's up really is a nice truck ima end up gettin one ......and to those idiots that r hatin aye wut kinda vehicle u have? If u even have one if ur that concerned ride a ****ing bike k either way the world gonna ccome to an end but that truck puts off less pollution than any vehicle made under the year 2004.......go protest semi trucks pullin rigs ...better yet I work as a tire specialist on garbage trucks and the rest of the heavy equipment they have protest them those give off hella pollution....when ya do that imagine how ya neighborhood gonna smelll....for real remember the trash strike in NYC how they like it.....think before ya speak.....and yea once again luv the truck.....
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I don't care who you's BITCHIN!!
Just think of the amount of crap you could carry in the back of this on your way to spiking trees! Or a kegger at Burning Man.

I like the comments by Craig Schirato...Very creative and appropriate!
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The only things I concern myself with, are things we can control. Yes, the planet is warmer than it has been recently, but there have also been several ice ages, so it has also coolled several times. At least once, there was a violent reversing of the magnetic poles, and everything went haywire then too.

Every solar system, in time, will be destroyed by its sun. Funny how gravity works, you get closer to the sun over time.

What no one can answer is HOW MUCH of the warming is caused by humans.

If the earth huggers are truly concerned for the envronment, instead of bitching about this truck, they should first STOP BUYING NEW CARS AND MAINTAIN WHAT THEY HAVE. The aluminum plants to make the new vehicles are far worse. The fuel used to deliver the new vehicle to you is a tax on the ecosystem. The materials in the new vehicle are horrible for the environment during manufacture and after disposal.

I see Prius owners lead-footing their vehicle every day, I'm sure that wasn't figured into the advertised MPG either. Stop spending extra for a "Hybrid" that gets good gas mileage (the Geo Metro got 58 mpg back in 1990 on gas alone) while disposing of your older vehicle that is perfectly fine, or can be maintained at a fraction of the cost of a "new hybrid." What if you took the cost of a new hybrid and applied it to maintenance and fuel for your current vehicle?

I have 7 kids, I have a 15 pass van that costs less than a minivan or "crossover." It works for what we need in our lives, it gets great gas mileage for our requirements. At some point though, we need a towing vehicle for our business. I can either buy yet another vehicle, or I can buy the 6-door version of this truck instead, getting better mileage from it's diesel engine/transmission package. All the while, with an engine that can be maintained for at least 500,000 miles.

No, single car drivers don't need it, but some of us do. If the "environmentalists" complaining in this blog are truly concerned, then they must be driving low emissions vehicles that use very few resources to manufacture (like motorcycles), correct?

If you don't need this vehicle, then why did you end up at this page? Start with something you can have an effect on now, like getting municipalities to require a higher level of curbside recycling. My family recycles at least 2/3 of what ends up at the curb, meanwhile the childless families on the street drive hybrids and have several bags of trash next to their cans twice a week...but never ny recycling.

I assume that you are all using LED and Compact fluorescents in your homes, correct? I know that you use your old motor oil to heat your home instead of electricity or natural gas correct? You also make your own meals instead of buying boxed groceries that contain extra chemicals and packaging mined from the earth right?

Good job looking out for the rest of us.
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