Hurricanes are Fueled by Global Warming.

What causes the unusually strong hurricane season of 2005? There are two theories: rising sea surface temperature and natural ocean cycles (such as El Niño)

A new scientific study suggests that rising sea surface temperature caused by global warming is responsible, instead of natural ocean cycles.

Using worldwide SST data since the early 20th century, Trenberth and Shea calculated the individual contributions of global warming and the AMO to Atlantic SSTs. They subtracted the irregular Atlantic temperatures from the temperature patterns in the rest of Earth's tropical and mid-latitude waters.

Their calculations show that about half, or 0.81 degrees Fahrenheit, of the Atlantic SST increase was due to global warming, while only 0.2 degrees owed to the AMO. The remainder of the increase could be explained by the aftereffects of the 2004-2005 El Nino and normal year-to-year variations in temperatures.

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What a surprise...
Here he goes again, not listening to a word that the educated minds of the world are saying to explain these ever-increasing anomalies. Maybe, one day, you'll think to yourself "I don't know, maybe I am thinking about all this the wrong way round"... heh nahh, who am I kidding! Also, please don't bring politics into the frame again, we're not all intrested in the mishaps and misdemeanors of Dubya et al, and his small group of right wing followers that would believe anything he says.

Anyway, nice article neatorama, I heard of these NCAR studies last year, seems that they've just published the results, thanks for the link :-). Also leads on nicely from the ol' Ford F650 XUV article (and the comments thereof, of course).
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