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The list is missing the little physics error that caused a hydrogen bomb test to be three times more powerful than predicted, contaminating islands and sickening some fishermen:
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That's Vernazza, Italy. And if you go swimming in the ocean right there, you likely will get stung by the millions of tiny Jellyfish that swarm around there too.
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I'm surprised the UK Health and Safety Executive hasn't banned them for "possible ocular expulsion." It's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out...
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Irony has several meanings, some are:

Socratic Irony, to feign ignorance so as to force the other person to define.

Dramatic Irony, where the audience knows something the actors do not (e.g. the killer is in the closet.)

Literary Irony, to use a word in a manner opposite to its definition/intention (naming a chihuahua Giant.)

Cosmic Irony, a situation where it appears the gods are playing with humans (The Gift of the Magi.)
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That can't have been cheap, xenon is a rare noble gas and costs on the order of dollars per liter. It's probably as bad for you as huffing lens cleaner which is a heavy fluorocarbon.
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We used to hear about someone doing this in the metal shop in high school once a year or so. Usually the brass cartridge would just rupture and burns or metal shrapnel were the worst of the injuries.
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It's well known that lap dogs are the dumbest dogs and working dogs are the smartest, see:
Selective breeding does work...
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