What's Wrong With This Photo?

Photo: Vernon Bryant / Dallas Morning News

The photo above, taken by Vernon Bryant for Dallas Morning News, depicts the bravery of Dallas Fire-Rescue officials warning residents of West Dallas of flooding (and if necessary, rescuing them) when a pump station failed (Source).

It's the staple stuff of newspapers - local news and such - so if you're wondering why it's on this blog, take a closer look at the photo. Go ahead. Don't see it yet? Take another look. We'll wait - you'll get it ...

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You know, it may seem lame at first glance, but skimming along in a raft is a much faster way to traverse even a few inches of water - remember what it feels like to sludge-sludge-splash-sludge through water? That could get old real fast if you're going door-to-door. Kudos on the raft! :) The doggy knows -- he's wanting to hitch-hike. :)
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fact,their are so many people in the our world today is trying to behave themselves,by being human.Tim on the other hand,rather stay in his flash back of Neanderthal.Tim,I took the time to offer,a heart felt sincre of an apology but you decided,to curse me out.Tim,I hope that one day,that you will catch up with the rest of us"Humans that is".I'm Beakmen,and I say to all the Tim out there;I love you man.
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Beakman, stfu.

You really aren't amusing and you are very childish. So you go back to staring at your self in your mirror while you mentally masterbate. You really sound like you have issues with, what you perceive to be, a lack of attention toward you.
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facts.Do you know that people can put out more negative comments,than positive ones and the reason for this is simple.it really depends,on the personality of one self.I'm Beakmen and I say to Tim or should I say Timmy.everyone,is under alot of pressure these days.so ligthen up Tim,its all in good fun.Tim,if I have offended you in any why,then I apologize.I'm sorry Tim.Beakmen signing off.
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