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Ok.... this is just insanely stupid. I agree that there are a lot of hidden things in this painting, but this one is a huge stretch. Seriously... somebody had too much time on their hands.
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Atleast the artist actually tells you what the significance of the art and medium means to her. most artists just tell you that it's not their job to explain it, and you're an idiot if you don't understand what they were trying to accomplish. I give this artist an "A" just for a good attitude alone!
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I bet it only remains a concept too.
Seriously.... it would be much more efficient, cost effective, and environmentally conscious to simply put together 9 or 10 solar water purifying stations up and down the river, that could also dispense water for consumption. This boat is just a phalic expression of another artist trying to hang his hat on the green movement. The ones that seek to do good works, without the recognition... those are the true artists, and the true heroes.
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From what i understand, cold weather dries out or damages our respiratory system, and skin, allowing it to be more susceptible to infections. In this weakened state, it just allows much more outside influence such as "cold" or "flu" or whatever else is floating around.
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Seriously. That was one of those pieces of worthless youtube fodder that should have never been given any attention. Horrible. And I like almost EVERYTHING ELSE that is posted on neatorama.... but that was totally the lamest thing I've ever seen.
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