River Whale Garden

The 'whale' is actually a project from Vincent Callebaut Architects called Physalia Physalis or 'Water Bubble', and it has a very serious point. One billion people don't have access to clean drinking water. This vessel is designed to float up and down the rivers of Europe, purifying the water as it goes. It is of course a huge floating garden among other things, with interior gardens dedicated to Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. So in theory it would make the Thames drinkable. It is also apparently completely self-sufficient, being covered in solar panels. In fact, it is meant to produce more energy than it uses. Too bad it is only a concept for now.

Link - via babycreativeblog

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Babycreative.

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I was really excited until I read more carefully and discovered it's dedicated to "Earth, Water, Wind and Fire."

I would definitely support government funding for a water purification boat that features a fat horn section.
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I bet it only remains a concept too.
Seriously.... it would be much more efficient, cost effective, and environmentally conscious to simply put together 9 or 10 solar water purifying stations up and down the river, that could also dispense water for consumption. This boat is just a phalic expression of another artist trying to hang his hat on the green movement. The ones that seek to do good works, without the recognition... those are the true artists, and the true heroes.
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