I Almost Forgot

It was three years ago today that Boston officials panicked over a guerilla advertising stunt in Boston featuring Mooninites.
Authorities have arrested two men in connection with electronic light boards depicting a middle-finger-waving moon man that triggered repeated bomb scares around Boston on Wednesday and prompted the closure of bridges and a stretch of the Charles River.

Meanwhile, police and prosecutors vented their anger at Turner Broadcasting System Inc., the parent company of CNN, which said the battery-operated light boards were aimed at promoting the late-night Adult Swim cartoon "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."

Relive the silliness as Neatorama and others covered it.

1-31-2007 Cartoon Ads Cause Bomb Scare in Boston

2-1-2007 Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens pleaded not guilty then held a press conference

2-4-2007 Jack Bauer Interrogates the Mooninites

5-11-2007 Community service for defendants in Cartoon Network case

5-13-2007 Mooninite LED vs. Fake Pipe Bomb: a Tale of Two Hoax Devices

-via Cynical-C

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sorry about that to the philly person. me and my friend were the two who were hired to put them up in philly. and im sorry, but if people are stupid enough to think they were bombs then they should have told me so i could come to them and smack them in the head with a tack hammer.
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There was actually one at The Art Institute of PHiladelphia! I was going to school there at the time and one day while talking to my dean, he was talking about THIS sign put up above one of it's entrances. They though it was a bomb! NO lie
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This made me extremely angry at the time. The abject waste of taxpayer dollars for the emergency services is what did it for me. I haven't been able to watch ATHF since...no great loss since it's 95% reruns anyway.
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It was what turned me against Martha Coakley -- this, and the Louise Woodward case (although I dutifully but reluctantly voted for her in the general election). She was (and still is) a prosecutor who chooses cases based on how they will enhance her image, which is an extremely bad thing for a prosecutor to do.
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