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It's good to laugh at death!

I am sure the trainer cared for the whale, but just like the story of the chimp that ate the face of the lady a while back, some animals will always have an inherent danger to them. Who are to think we can always control an animal 50x bigger than us. Only because stuff like this hasn't happened more often we are lulled in to a sense of safety.

Even when respect is given they are still wild predators at heart.

As for the comment comparing euthanizing a dog to what they should do to the whale..Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years to be our companions, whales have not. They need to just let the damn thing be, of course someone gets to foot the bill since we yanked it from the wild to begin with.
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Holy crap, that page reads like it was written by someone who cut and pasted it from about 100 different web pages. Why don't people provide any numbers to go with their so called facts on certain breeds. This reads like a bunch of anecdotal junk.

I am not here to defend any particular breed either. I have 2 50lb mixed breeds and a pug.

I rarely hear news stories about Chows killing or mauling people like our favorite kicking toy the Pitbull. If we are talking purely about non fatal bites I don't think there are any real accurate numbers since majority probably not reported.
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It's funny I didn't like "No Country For Old Men" at all... but "The Road" was incredibly emotional for such a dialogue driven book. The trailers for the movie have me scratching my head when it came to the music selection. Awfully uplifting for the actual result, I hope some people don't with a misconception and pan it because of that.
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I recently watched Threads again for the first time since my dad let me watch it as a kid in the mid 80s. Still a pretty gritty movie and the war in the middle east that triggers it all is pretty ironic considering the stuff the US has been doing the past 20 years.
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