Father Kidnapped Daughter's Killer to Bring Him to Justice

What would you do if someone killed your child, and authorities refused to extradite the suspect? Here's what one father allegedly did:

A retired accountant whose daughter was killed 27 years ago was facing charges last night over the alleged abduction of the man he always blamed for her death. The man was left bound, gagged and injured outside a French courtroom.

André Bamberski, 72, is suspected of taking justice into his own hands over the German authorities’ failure to act against Dieter Krombach, a German cardiologist, after a French court convicted him of manslaughter in his absence.

Mr Krombach, 74, was found trussed up with head injuries in a lane near the criminal court in the eastern city of Mulhouse on Sunday after an anonymous caller with an Eastern European accent tipped off police. Mr Bamberski, who is of Polish origin and lives near Toulouse, was in Mulhouse at the weekend and is suspected of making the call, police said.

Link (Photo: Remy Gabalda/AFP/Getty Images)

Do two wrongs make a right or is Bamberski - if he did do it - justified in kidnapping the alleged (Update 10/26/09: alleged/convicted - there's controversy about this) killer? What would YOU do if it were your child?

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I have one boy, one girl and one on the way and I can honestly say I would hunt the guy down and do the same thing this father did.

I don't have it in me to take a life. Why rob my children of their mother because I let my emotions and anger get the best of me?

Killing the sick bastard make us no better than he is.

André Bamberski did the right thing.
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Its a shame that german justice is not willing to procecute german citizens because of their political historical background.
Its a shame that their is in Germany no political will and readiness to attend cases whereby german citizens have a clear criminal background but an obscure relationship with german authorities.
Its a shame that in the EEC it is still possible to withhold delivery of condemned persons to other natios of the comunity where procecution took place.
Its a shame: Germany, and germans never learn. For instance a deep hurting issue which is symptomatic for the foregoing: Where did and still do most of the WWII criminals live freely without any type of procecution? Exactly, in Germany.
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B.M. obviously has no children, hence her does not feel the intense sense of protection germain to this situation. I sense his comments are best directed at him(or her)self.
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"Really B.M., It’s nothing about what WE would do or not do. Maybe your fat ass dorito munching ass needs to turn of Law and Order and develop some social skills"

That doesn't even make sense, maybe you should develop some writing skills.
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i know we all (me included) wish we had the balls to kill people who kill who molest or kill our kids, but all you have to do is read the newspapers to see that very, very few of us have any balls.
the sooner we show some guts and start getting rid of the molesters, rapists, dope peddlars (yes they are killing your kids too), and the lawyers and judges who keep putting them back on the streets, the sooner the world will start being a better place to live
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