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I am a liberal, monogamous atheist, and I think this is an idiotic claim.
Why? Because it relies on IQ tests, and anyone who believes in IQ tests should shave 15 points off their IQ, minimum.
It also relies on the "progressive fallacy" that evolution is about things always getting better, when evolution is about adaptations to an organism's environment.
Being liberal and an atheist are cultural qualities that have nothing to do with how "evolved" we are. They have a lot more to do with status, education, tradition. What does liberal in this context even mean? It has a radically different connotation in Canada (where it means middle of the road) than in the U.S., where it means the opposite of conservatism.
That being said, the more you learn about science, philosophy and so on the less likely you are to believe in god.
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There are some things they missed:
1) There is no music in space: the members of the orchestra playing the Star Wars theme would be instantly killed in the vacuum
2) There is no such thing as "Force"
And so on.

Articles like this are annoying and miss the point, the point being that every "mistake" they are talking about is there to do a better job of telling the story. No sound, no fiery explosions, no hyperspace, taking forever to get anywhere, taking years to talking to aliens would be BORING BORING BORING. It would be all exposition and NO conflict. It would be Star Trek the Motion Picture but a million times worse!

Why don't people like this ever write about how the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or the Passion of the Christ aren't scientifically accurate?
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Actually, if she was wearing pants his sign would be correct according to scripture.

According to the bible, abominations actually include

- 13 references to dietary restrictions (shellfish, moles, chameleons, pigs, etc)
- 17 references to improper sacrifice
- 3 references to the love of money
- 4 on dishonest trading
- remarrying after divorce
- Women wearing men's clothing
- Lying

The bible says twice that "Men who lay with men" are abomination, and more specifically calls for them to be put to death.

I doubt that even the woman holding that sign believes that.
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The skating trail in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, mentioned above is the longest in the world.

And the temperature today is -7 C (19 F)
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The Sir Francis Bacon stuff is bunk. The basic argument behind most "Shakespeare didn't write it" is pure snobbery: how could a bourgeois nobody from Stratford - a small town - be so good at writing? It must have been Francis Bacon (like HE had the time to write dozens of plays)
Shakespeare was Shakespeare was Shakespeare. However, a lot of words were falsely attributed to him because the people scraping the dictionary together would ascribe the words to him. "Look, it's in Shakespeare" they'd say, and bung it in.
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I have made my own marshmallows - about 30 years ago. It was kind of fun, but we never did it again and it did taste a lot like the kind you buy. So much so that it is not really worth doing unless you are a marshmallow nut.
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Before black and white tvs and film, did people dream in black and white? This is like that Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin's dad tells him that the whole world used to be black and white.
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