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Chihuly doesn't actually make any of the glass sculptures anymore since he lost one of his eyes. It would be too dangerous. He creates a design, often with paint on a big piece of canvas on the floor and then directs the workers in his studio to make the glass. I suppose that makes him an artist manager. The works are beautiful, but the talent may now reside in others hands.
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Fascinating to take the Arabic numeral expression of the first few digits of Pi and find that turning them upside down incorrectly spells the word for the Greek letter in the Roman alphabet.
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Given the dehumanizing aspects of some modern art I don't think it is the computer influence that we need to worry about.

The other problem with computer generated works of art is that the computer doesn't really generate it it is the artist using the computer that does, by either setting the parameters initially, using the tool or choosing aesthetically pleasing output. The computer is a sophisticated paint brush or other tool.
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This is a hoax. Perhaps a review of the skeptical comments from on the BoingBoing discussion of this story would help.


I'll reiterate my comment from there:

"...I don't know how anyone with internet access these days doesn't start with the basic assumption that everything they read is false until proven otherwise and with multiple sources. Kind of a wikipedia approach to everything."

Neatorama, BoingBoing, Fark, Reddit, and Digg linking and posting around in a ring like the tail-devouring snake Ouroborus, yet with no fact checking between them.
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The headline for this post should probably more appropriately read - Cities are now rich again! - rather than white again. Even the article makes the assertion that housing process are rising in the cities and forcing lower income residents out. I know that income is correlated with race but the conclusion is that cities are costing more to live in and that that is driving a change in the socio-economic demographics of cities and suburbs.
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I am a big fan of Neatorama and I am glad to add to this list with a plug for my blog, The Honest Hypocrite.


It's really for things that I am interested in that I think others might be. I know that my high school English teacher would be pleased with the volume of writing if not necessarily the quantity. I like to write about science fiction and science and I usually like to throw in a chart or two with data and statistics to support or refute a position.

Often pictures of my garden or the exciting nature outside in and around the creek in the backyard gets a mention and the location of the author in Delaware means that state is represented disproportionately in posts. I do try to avoid being a link blog and aim more for commentary on particular topics, usually inspired by a link blog like Neatorama. The preface explains my philosophy:

-In which the author ponders the question, "If you admit that you are a hypocrite, are you really a hypocrite?" He then provides his honest commentary on a number of fascinating topics. He insists, however, that his readers form their own opinions.-

Visitors welcome.
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I could use this car because my round trip commute is only 12 miles, but $36,000 is $10,000 more than the Prius that I already purchased. What are the makers of this vehicle thinking?

I would rather get an electric Vespa.
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I admire the folks concerned about color blindness, but I think people with color blindness would see a gray square in the white square and see a change, alerting them to icy conditions, they just might not see pink as we see it (and that is left for a discussion of qualia and a philosophy course).

An idea I had years ago would be for the road to turn black when it is cold and white when it is hot. The black road would get warmer in sunlight and help melt the road and the white when it is warm would keep the road from becoming even hotter in the summer and making urban heat islands. I am not sure how to keep the road from becoming a middle gray when it reaches equilibrium withe the sun and its surroundings.
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For our honeymoon, our flight from Philly to Miami was delayed and so we missed our connection to Santiago, Chile. We were not even going there to run the South American leg of a 7 day, 7 continent marathon. In travel experience, I don't know how you can just be on seven continents in seven days, let alone run a marathon on each one. I hope they have a private jet with beds to sleep in between the runs, because this sounds logistically impossible.

Given the monk example above and the super-marathons I have heard about, I am will to concede that people can run the distance, it's the travel that floors me.
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I have been to Nogales (both sides) recently and there is in fact a large wall down the middle of it. It is interesting to look at Google Maps and see the concentrated streets on the Mexican side of the border and the less dense arrangement on the American side. The most interesting or maybe frustrating part about the town is that every day, and often several times a day people cross the border because they work, live or go to school on either side of it. It is not just Mexicans working in the US it is Americans working in Mexico. many have relatives on either side as well, some of whom are Mexican citizens, some United States, some permanent residents. They all have to adapt to the wall and the border and enhanced need for documents. Seems to be a pain.

It was the first time I walked from one country into another.
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This seems like a clunkier implimentation of the Light Cone RSS Feed, which tells every star whose light has reached you since your birth, not just the most recent. These are the stars in your light cone. According to relativity you can have had no effect on anything outside of this light cone.
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