No More Gas

The NmG (No More Gas) car from Myers Motors is an electric car that can go 75 miles an hour! Plug it into a 110 or 220 volt outlet and charge it up for a few hours. The three-wheeled vehicle holds one person and has a range of only 30 miles on a charge, so it’s designed for commuting to work. The tiny size makes it easy to park, too. The NmG will be registered and insured as a motorcycle, although it is fully enclosed. Priced at $36,000. Link -via the Presurfer

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"this type of business will be dead. U.S. Government will probably shut this down."

What are you on about?

Why would the US Gubmint Shut it down?

And by what legal precedent>
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I could use this car because my round trip commute is only 12 miles, but $36,000 is $10,000 more than the Prius that I already purchased. What are the makers of this vehicle thinking?

I would rather get an electric Vespa.
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Most commuters are going less than 30 miles round-trip, with only themselves to carry and a briefcase or some groceries. If that hatchback is also sufficient to carry at least one child-seat, then it will do for the majority and can be parked anywhere a desk would fit. Owing to the plain fact that a 'burb house requires all who live there over 18 to own and operate a car to maintain a 'burb household, this seems pretty practical. If it catches on, the relative price will go down. The cost of a full charge should be well under that of similar amounts of gas and, again parking would be cheaper, since you can share a parking space or stick it on a porch.

Looks cute to me and I could see a crazy paint job being fun on that vertical space.
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