7 Incredible Computer Generated Works of Art

When we consider art we tend to think that it is only created at the hand of man, but that simply isn't true ... Computers have been creating incredible works of art for years.

The News In Print blog has a neat review of 7 fascinating computer generated works of art:

The first ever exhibition of computer generated art was held at the Howard Wise Gallery in New York, in April 1965. It was entitled “Computer Generated Pictures”, as people agreed that the potentially dehumanising influence of the computer prevented the pieces in the show from being considered ‘art’ in the true sense of the word.

Link - via thrivecore

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Ooh, its just like visiting the art shows at SIGGRAPH each year.

I'd say that someone using a computer to create art does indeed have to be talented in traditional arts, know how to draw, handle perspective, understand camera lenses and their functions, etc... You have to understand how to make art no matter what medium is used. You can't simply throw all the rules away, but must know how to use them well.
The computer never generates the exact image you want. The craftsmanship comes from telling the computer what you want to achieve, balancing its simulation versus your vision, and in most cases, lots of tweaking and post render changes. Trust me, it doesn't simply do the work for you.
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On the one hand, it seems like cheating, what with letting the computer handle the perspective and reflections and shadows and such. Where is the craftsmanship? On the other hand, I have seen some spectacular works, and I, being an old pencil-sketcher, am probably mostly just jealous of the ability to experiment so freely with the ability to return to any arbitrary previous point in the creation. In the physical world, you can't undo that "oops" brushstroke.
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Computer-generated art isn't created by a computer (like an AI), its created by a human, with the computer as the medium. Its no more de-humanizing than typing on a computer vs handwriting.

The difference... someone doing computer art doesn't need to be talented enough to draw stuff or handle perspective ratio, can focus instead on composition, theme, etc. (Similarly, a writer using a computer don't have to worry about legible handwriting, spacing mistakes, etc.)
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