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Was he accepted into the animation school or not? =)

Norwegians rock.. spent two weeks there last year (as my first experience traveling out of the US) and they are just a great kind funny people.
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Rats; no clues in the file names. Just what-is-this-1.jpg and what-is-this-2.jpg. (I can’t be the only one that checked, can I?)

Yeah, I also checked for DCIM keywords and EXIF thumbnails. =)

You have to be careful of such things....

Ever hear what happened to Cat Scwartz on TechTV? From her Wikipedia article,

In June 2003 Schwartz became the subject of a stir in the Internet community when it was discovered that at least two cropped photographs of herself she had posted on her personal blog contained hidden Exif thumbnail images clearly showing her bared breasts, because the program she used to edit them did not create replacement thumbnails.
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#1 (2 man) draw knife, slot shaver, or wood planer

#2 hawser or some sort of tool to join two objects together so that they can be hung or dragged (logging, butchering)
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I liked "Silent Cal's" factoid the best... he always struck me as a neat guy.

from his wikipedia article:

Another famous anecdote has it that one Sunday, Mrs. Coolidge was too ill to attend church, and Calvin attended the services alone. When he returned, his wife asked him, "Did you go to church?" "Yes," Calvin responded. "Did the minister give a sermon?" his wife continued. "Yes," Calvin answered. "What did he talk about?" Mrs. Coolidge pressed impatiently. "Sin," her husband replied. "Well," demanded the Calvin's wife, as her frustration continued to mount, "what did he say about it?" "He's against it," Calvin concluded.
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If you can not listen to someone elses point of view, why should anyone listen to yours? If you can't defend your point of view, even to yourself, what is the point of having such convictions?

This is why an English AlJazeera is important, and why comments like haribo's, which while I agree with the first half of his position, are so very wrong and counterproductive.

Aramax, there are a lot of muslim Americans, and certain Americans in general, who would have interest in an English language Al Jazeera. Particularly, English-speaking Americans who were interested in the Arab perspective would have to stick to English-written webpages, or groups like MEMRI who translate content from AlJazeera (http://memritv.org/).

As far as the actions of our President, his father (and his new nominee for the Secretary of State) was previously a director of the CIA, and the CIA has a long history of nation building in order to fight the spread of communism. This might go a long way to explaining why he thinks the way he does.
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Regarding the RSS feed...

TwoDragons- Using a mouse wheel doesn't help, because when you come in following an RSS link, you have nowhere else to go... you already are on this page, expecting something neat because the headline intrigued you.

Alex- Perhaps you can append "OpEd:" to each cartoon post, so those of us who regularly scan RSS headlines can avoid them if we wish?

Thanks for all of your work, patience, etc.
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Who said anything about dropping viewership?

Controversy and discussion increases page views, which increase ad revenue. If he wants page views and lots of comments, the political stuff seems to be the best way to get them. Viewership will probably go through the roof, if it isn't already.

Alex said he was flattered when one person compared this blog to boingboing, but if you look at boingboing, they quit allowing reader comments a long long time ago. I noticed at one point today that posting a comment here required moderator approval.

The content of this site will change the audience, both how they react to the content and how they react to each other... and it seems lately that people are getting pretty vitrolic, instead of sharing a common joy of discovery.
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I really enjoyed the documentary "Control Room" which covered Al Jazeera and that network's coverage of the gulf war.

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I wonder if this cartoon is in the Public Domain.

Every time I see it, I am reminded of Song of the South, which is also an important piece of history, but has never been released on video in the US. Disney appears content to let this film slip into obscurity.

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The Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarves animated cartoon could be considered political or racist depending on your point of view, but at the very least its a truly interesting piece of history. I thought that was a good post, even though I had run across it a long time ago somewhere else.

However, political cartoons are ubiquitous. We could open any newspaper and see them, or we could go to websites like Cagle's ( http://cagle.msnbc.com/ ) and see thousands of them. They are neither unique or neat or new, and that is why, regardless of content, they tend to frustrate or alienate some readers (myself included).

Now, if that is your intent, it's your site... you can do whatever you want. Just don't be surprised if you find that your audience has changed along with your content.

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Personally, prefer anything by Archos. The featureset on the Archos players (PVR, USB OTG Host, etc.) make them much more useful than just a regular video player.
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Both parties suck, but do you really want this cool blog to suck too?

How about starting a different blog for politics instead of alienating those of us who come here for apoltical "NEAT" stuff?
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Explanation from Wikipedia:

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